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Never has rotten fish smelled so bad but tasted so good. Small Baltic herring are caught in the spring, salted and left to ferment at leisure before being stuffed in a tin about a month before it hits the tables and shops.

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This September, Honest Cooking, an award-winning international digital culinary magazine, will for the second time be teaming up with some of the world’s most influential restaurants for NORTH - the largest ever Nordic Food Festival in the US. New York City will be showcasing amazing Nordic chefs, producers, and flavors and we invite you to come taste, smell and see what Nordic gastronomy is all about:

 The country that offers so many opportunities, whatever kind of holiday you have in mind. Sweden is a safe country where everyone speaks English. From the far north to the deep south Sweden has a wide variety of climates, activities and scenery that will stimulate your senses and satisfy your every need. Sweden is the third largest country in Western Europe. Because of its long, narrow shape and northerly location, the landscape is highly diversified. From exciting survival camps in the untouched wilderness to relaxing on a cruise in the island-rich archipelago, from standing on the top of a snow-covered mountain to hanging at a bar at one of Europe’s finest nightclubs, whatever your heart desires you will find it here.



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 ICEHOTEL is an annual art project and the world’s first and largest hotel made of ice and snow located in Jukkasjärvi in northern Sweden, 200 km north of the Arctic Circle. ICEHOTEL rises in a new shape every winter and then melts away in the spring.

ICEHOTEL is a pioneer in ice art and in 2014 it has been 25 years since they built the world’s first hotel made of ice and snow. One of the core objectives at ICEHOTEL since the start has been experimenting and developing experiences and art with natural materials – mainly with ice and snow, but also with magnetite and wood.


Swedish meatballs are a specialty, immortalized by the Swedish chef in the Muppet Show. Swedes eat them with pickled cucumber, a cream sauce, potatoes  and of course lingon berries.

Swedish meatballs are a must on every Smorgasbord and don’t miss this dish when you visit Sweden.

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As the Swedish summer draws to a close, you might be lucky to experience warm, clear August nights. That is when Swedes have their crayfish parties. Crayfish are cooked in boiling salted water together with dill-crowns. Colored paper lanterns hang around the table. Tablecloth and plates are made of colorful paper. The guests wear bibs around the necks and they also wear “funny” paper hats. The feat can begin! Crayfish should be eaten cold using your fingers. Bread and cheese like Vasterbotten are being served together with the crayfish. To this meal beer and schnapps will be served. And during the meal, people will cheer and sing special “schnapps songs”. So be happy a dark August night and enjoy these small, delicious creatures!


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A good idea to explore Stockholm is from a boat, a kayak or canoe and enjoy the city  from the water.

This is an exciting experience and a great way to get some exercise too. Boats can be rented near the Djurgarden Bridge and the gentle waters of the SDjurgaden canal are ideal for  a boat trip.

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While in Sweden, bring home  some typical Swedish preserves made from wild berries such as Lingonberries, Clodberry jam or Goosberry jam.

Pickled herring come in many varieties, Matjes-sill being very popular (serve with cooked potatoes, chopped chives and sour cream). Crispbread and gingerbread cookies are also typical for Sweden. And for the sweet tooth, don’t forget Marabou chocolate. All of these items can be bought in groceries stores.

Get around in Stockholm

Walking, jogging or by bicycle, do some excercise while in Stockholm. Everything in midtown Stockholm is within easy walking distance including major sights, beautiful parks and shopping. A walk in Stockholm always takes you close to the waters. At the island of Djurgaden you’ll find several museums, ABBA the Museum, the Vasa museum, Grona Lund Amusement Park, Skansen open-air museum and many more. If you prefer to bike, there are plenty of place where to rent one.

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