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If you reside outside the European Union (EU), you are entitled to a tax refund on your purchases. In Sweden, as in most European countries, Value Added Tax is included in the sales price on the tag.

Tax Free Shopping by Global Blue is a simple system that puts cash in your hand when you leave the EU. You get refunds of up to 19% on your purchases. The minimum purchase is SEK 200.

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We are excited to announce that Öland has been named in the Condé Nast Traveler 2014 Readers’ Choice Awards! Here is the ranking and RCA score:

For immediate release, October 16th, 2014

Today the White Guide, Sweden’s most authoritative restaurant guide, will launch its website in English in partnership with VisitSweden, the country’s official travel and tourist organization.

Since 2005, the White Guide has been the #1 source for Swedes seeking up-to-date, accurate and authoritative information on the country’s thriving restaurant scene. Now, for the first time, non-Swedish speakers will have access to this information. The new website contains around 250 reviews, including listings of the most recent winners of the White Guide’s annual contest for the best offering in various categories, and special mentions about places of interest to savvy travellers. There is also an introduction to the Swedish “fika” phenomenon from the separate White Guide Café, listing the best cafés and tearooms.

“The rest of the world now has a window into Sweden’s thriving restaurant scene,” says founder and publisher Lars Peder Hedberg. “With the launch of the White Guide in English, food lovers worldwide have a website to help them locate the best establishments in Sweden along with insights into the hottest culinary trends.”

The White Guide ranks the best in various categories and provides in-depth criticism. Unlike most guides, it is a genuine editorial product filled with features, trend reports and analyses. The guide prides itself in promoting the evolution of gastronomy. Today the White Guide is a publishing system with books, a magazine, websites, apps and events. Its quarterly magazine, White PAPER, covers the trends as they unfold.

“The White Guide is a powerful vehicle to continuously support the culinary evolution in Sweden,” says Ami Hovstadius, , project manager at VisitSweden. “As the international interest in our gastronomy continues to grow, this website will make it easier for visitors to grasp the huge variety of dining options and help them understand what Swedish food is all about.”

 “We will regularly review interesting new entries and report significant developments to assist in keeping track of the dynamic Swedish culinary scene,” explains managing editor Mikael Mölstad. “The White Guide website will be an inspiring place to start exploring what’s going on in our part of the world.”

The White Guide recently expanded to Denmark and will publish its first international version covering all of the Nordic countries in English by year-end. In addition there is a separate White Guide Junior, reviewing Sweden’s school canteens, with the goal to promote healthy and tasty meals for the young while educating them in the understanding and enjoyment of food.

 About the White Guide

The White Guide is the only authoritative restaurant guide covering the entire Swedish restaurant scene. Its history dates back to the first Swedish restaurant guides that were published more than 30 years ago. The White Guide in its present form has been published for ten consecutive years in Sweden, reviewing and listing almost 600 restaurants annually. It ranks the best in various categories along with in-depth criticism. Unlike most guides, it is a true editorial product, filled with features, trend reports and analyses.

About VisitSweden

VisitSweden is a marketing and communications company, whose aim is to promote Sweden as a travel and tourism destination and to market the Sweden brand. All marketing of Sweden is focused on selected target groups and VisitSweden has by presence in 12 prioritized foreign markets deep understanding in their travel preferences and knowledge of Sweden. VisitSweden is owned jointly by the Swedish state through the Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications and the Swedish tourism industry through Svensk Turism AB. For more information about Swedish food and travel and

For more information, contact:

Mikael Molstad, White Guide: Tel. +46707272122

Ami Hovstadius, VisitSweden: Tel. +46709994500

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This is an unique museum all about spirits.

With a focus on the Swedish people’s bittersweet relationship to alcohol, the museum exhibitions will take you on an unforgettable journey from pain to pleasure, from park bench to cocktail party, based on art, scenery, experience, scents, and tastes… Rarely has an afternoon soaked in alcohol yielded so many wise insights.

This filling goose banquet involves beak to tail eating; all parts of the goose are used. Start with the sweet and sour svartsoppa, black soup, a broth of goose blood seasoned with fruit pureés, spirits, cloves and ginger that is served with goose offal dishes, goose-liver sausage, stewed prunes and potatoes. Follow with the roasted goose, stuffed with apples and prunes. The surplus goose fat is used to prepare the sides: red cabbage, roasted apples and potatoes. Finish with an apple charlotte.

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Perhaps you did not get the Nobel Prize this year, but you can still dine like a Nobel Prize Winner:

A dynamic scientist, inventor and industrialist

Learn about Alfred Nobel (the inventor of dynamite),  the Nobel museum in Stockholm and the Nobel Prize.

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Volvo Ocean Race 2014-2015 will just start in Alicante, Spain. After ten months around the world the sailing competition will end in Gothenburg, Sweden, in June 2015. The actual finish will be between the city’s two bridges very close to the city center.

Web site for Gothenburg:

Web site for the race:

Several exciting restaurants have opened recently in Gothenburg and more is coming up. The area around Tredje Långgatan is especially booming.

A couple of weeks ago, famous chef Stefan Karlsson, opened a new Asian restaurant called Toso. It has a 5 metre long Buddha figure over the open kitchen, small terracotta warriors and is situated just beside the Gothenburg Museum of Art. The food is his interpretation of Asian food.


Address: Götaplatsen 1

Phone: +46 31-160911

Next to the classic fish market hall at Rosenlund is the newest restaurant area in Gothenburg. In January opened the komex eatery Market, and just beside it, on Rosenlundsgatan 8, will the restaurant Boulebar open on  November 1. They will serve French rustique food and the restaurant has 14 boule paths and a small Mediterranean park.


Rosenlundsgatan 8

031-361 84 91

 On Tredje Långgatan 9, in a former auction house, several new restaurants will open. Already open is the Italian restaurant Taverna Averna, serving classic Italian dishes, some of them with a twist. The interior is grand and light. This cash free restaurant serves both lunch and dinner.

Taverna Averna

Address: Tredje Långgatan 9

+46 (0)31 – 309 52 70


Catching on to the latest trend sweeping fitness, Sweden’s Icehotel has teamed up with leading obstacle race organizer Toughest to launch a sub-zero race. The five km course covers twenty obstacles inside and around the hotel, 200 km north of the Arctic Circle.

As obstacle course racing is becoming one of the hottest trends in fitness and new races pop up around the world, Nordic organizers Toughest brings a new dimension by bringing it to a sub-zero setting. At their side, they have the designers and engineers behind Sweden’s famous Icehotel, who will create a unique course that runs in and around the hotel.

So far, Toughest has mainly attracted Nordic participants, but founder Adam Feldt is hoping that the unique setting, and the opportunity to stay a night at the Icehotel as part of the experience will appeal to the international racing audience.

Adam Feldt says Icehotel was the given partner in launching their idea: “When we first had this idea, we had to find someone who had the technical skills and experience of working with ice in this way, so we got in touch with the Icehotel.”

Besides building the hotel every winter, a snow and ice structure measuring nearly 6 000 sq ft., the team at Icehotel has created everything from iceberg catwalks and fashion shoot scenography, to movie settings and theatres – all in ice and snow.

The detailed plans for the course are not yet official, but a video teaser has revealed man-made as well as natural obstacles of ice and snow along the course. Average temperatures in April hover between -3 and -10 degrees Celsius (26 – 14 F). Local crossfit specialist xx believes this will add to the challenge. 

“Up here, we’re used to running, skiing and working out in the outdoors in down to -20 degrees [Celsius], but for anyone who isn’t used to this climate, I think this is going to be a real challenge”. 

The race will be limited to 500 participants and tickets are available from 25 May 2014.

For more information & hi resolution press images, contact:

Adam Feldt                                                              Beatrice Karlsson

Co-Founder & Marketing                                     PR & Marketing                                    

 About Toughest: The leading and largest obstacle racing series in the Nordics. 2014 races are held in Malmö, Umeå, Oslo,  Copenhagen & Gothenburg. Toughest is the first and only obstacle race in the Nordics chosen as qualifier for the Obstacle Racing World Championships (OCRWC) in Cincinatti (US).

About ICEHOTEL: ICEHOTEL is an annual art project and the world’s first and largest hotel made of ice and snow located in Jukkasjärvi in northern Sweden, 200 km north of the Arctic Circle. ICEHOTEL rises in a new shape every winter and then melts away in the spring.

ICEHOTEL is a pioneer in ice art and in 2014 it has been 25 years since they built the world’s first hotel made of ice and snow. One of the core objectives at ICEHOTEL since the start has been experimenting and developing experiences and art with natural materials – mainly with ice and snow, but also with magnetite and wood.

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