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This is an unique museum all about spirits.

With a focus on the Swedish people’s bittersweet relationship to alcohol, the museum exhibitions will take you on an unforgettable journey from pain to pleasure, from park bench to cocktail party, based on art, scenery, experience, scents, and tastes… Rarely has an afternoon soaked in alcohol yielded so many wise insights.

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Perhaps you did not get the Nobel Prize this year, but you can still dine like a Nobel Prize Winner:

A dynamic scientist, inventor and industrialist

Learn about Alfred Nobel (the inventor of dynamite),  the Nobel museum in Stockholm and the Nobel Prize.

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Experience Nordic Food in Los Angeles:

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A good idea to explore Stockholm is from a boat, a kayak or canoe and enjoy the city  from the water.

This is an exciting experience and a great way to get some exercise too. Boats can be rented near the Djurgarden Bridge and the gentle waters of the SDjurgaden canal are ideal for  a boat trip.

Get around in Stockholm

Walking, jogging or by bicycle, do some excercise while in Stockholm. Everything in midtown Stockholm is within easy walking distance including major sights, beautiful parks and shopping. A walk in Stockholm always takes you close to the waters. At the island of Djurgaden you’ll find several museums, ABBA the Museum, the Vasa museum, Grona Lund Amusement Park, Skansen open-air museum and many more. If you prefer to bike, there are plenty of place where to rent one.

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Visit the unique Vasa museum with the impressive wooden war-ship that sank on her maiden voyage in 1628. The ship was salvaged after 333 years on the seabed and is now displayed in all its glory.

This museum is located at the beautiful island of Djurgarden and a visit to the museum is an experience for young and old alike.


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Nya Carnegiebryggeriet is a newly-opened craft brewery with its own restaurant, situated by the shore in Hammarby Sjöstad in Stockholm. The brewery is a collaboration between Carlsberg Sweden, Brooklyn Brewery and free investors, but will not be making any Brooklyn beer. Instead, Nya Carnegiebryggeriet is a creator of small scale Swedish craft beer, with something to offer for both connoisseurs, beer enthusiasts, and curious amateurs. The restaurant serves food that has been adapted to both the season and what is currently on tap.

Nya Carnegiebryggeriet is situated in the historical Luma factory, facing Hammarby Lake with a view of southern Södermalm. The outdoor patio is open all summer on Wednesday-Sunday, with plenty of space for happy holiday makers and curious Stockholmers.

For visitors eager to learn more about beer and brewing, Nya Carnegiebryggeriet offers guided tours around the brewery on Saturdays and Sundays between 1pm and 4 pm. The tours are free and cannot be booked in advance.

The easiest way to access Nya Carnegiebryggeriet is by bus 22B to Luma, by free-of-charge ferry from Barnängsbryggan or with the boat M/S Emelie from Nybrokajen.

 Contact the restaurant:

Phone: +468-510 650 82


This is much more than a museum. It is a meeting place with tasting rooms, restaurant, bar and a shop. It also houses the Absolut Art Collection.

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Get to know Stockholm from a different angle, a 360 degree panoramic view right in the heart of town. Your guide explains the safety rules, helps you with the full-body harness and guides you on top of the old parliamentary building showing you Stockholm’s history with a modern touch in a nutshell. An unforgettable experience, high above on a small island in the city center surrounded by water.