Set in the heart of town is The Garden Society of Gothenburg, one of Europe’s best-preserved 19th century parks. Its world-class rose garden boasts some 4,000 roses representing 1,900 varieties all on display. The Palm House that dates back to 1878, is a glass palace housing exotic plants in a Mediterranean climate. This attraction has garnered three stars in the Le Guide Michelin. Stop in the Rose Café for a coffee or lunch right next to the Rose Garden.

Photo:  Nicho Södling/

With its compact center of elegant squares, gardens and canals, Gothenburg is the ideal short-break city, and the perfect base for exploring the surrounding countryside too. Head for the sweet-smelling central park, Trädgårdsföreningen, where the Palm House stands among manicured lawns and the perfume of over 5,000 roses. A tight grid of smart streets buzzes with a vibrant café culture, intriguing food markets, impressive museums and a multitude of enticing restaurants.


Photo: Nicho Södling/